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Welcome back…

I’ve been away from my blog for awhile as life got in the way of writing.  I’m back, but I’m not sure how often I’ll post — I’d like to have something interesting to post here rather than just random thoughts.

It’s springtime in Alaska after a very short break-up season (when all of the snow and ice melts).  We’ve had nothing but sun and beautiful weather for weeks now.  I’m not sure what all of the returning birds are making of this.  There are lots of Gulls and I can hear the croaking and roarking of the Sandhills from the Refuge, but where are the geese?  They seem to be late to the party.  There are a few Canadians, but not in the massive numbers we’re used to at this time.  Some friends tell me there are a few Snow Geese down by the airport, but they’re not in their usual spot down in the Refuge or flying over our house.  I’ll admit, I’m lonely without their happy honking.  I’ll be patiently waiting, but I sure hope they haven’t passed us by and flown north without saying hello.

By the way, I hope you like my revamped site.  I’ve added a couple more galleries and have given it a permanent home at susansernaphotography.com.  Look around, let me know what you think.  If you’re interested in purchasing prints or notecards of any of my photos, please let me know.

Happy Spring.

Mew Gull Love

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