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Of Birds and Seasons


CCENA ReflectionI’m a birder, but I’m not a fanatic.  I don’t really have a “life list,” although I’ll occasionally make a note in one of my bird books when I’ve seen a rare bird.  So, you’ll probably see quite a few birds appearing here in my blog and in my ‘Flora and Fauna’ section.  I live in a place where I am lucky enough to see incredible spring and fall migrations of birds that come to Alaska for summer breeding.  I feel indescribable joy when I hear that first Sandhill Crane making that funny croak (we call it a ‘roark’) overhead in the spring and feel deep loss when I see those huge skeins of Canadian Geese heading south in the fall.  I felt that sense of loss today as I heard loud honking, looked up, and saw hundreds of Canadians flying high above me.  Winter is creeping in — a fact I can no longer deny when I see the snow starting to stick on the peaks of the Chugach Mountains.

Campbell Creek Estuary Natural Area

I’m already dreaming of spring since a beautiful new addition to the Anchorage park system was opened last Friday — the Campbell Creek Estuary Natural Area (CCENA).  With three viewing decks above the Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge (where I take my winter walks and take many of my photos), it’s a birder’s dream.  I can’t wait to stand on those decks in the spring, listening for that first Sandhill ‘roarking’ over the Refuge.

Campbell Creek Estuary Natural Area II

It’s a start.

Welcome to my first blog.  I’m more of a visual person, so there will be more photos than words.  It’s still a work in progress, but I hope to add a shopping cart soon with prints, canvases, and cards.

Thanks for stopping by.  Please let me know what you think, or just drop me a line to say hello.